Where I did …

I’ve started my career very early alongside my study. Always have been very enthusiastic about computer specially programming. So, I started working IT industry way back in 2001 as a part-time job along side my studies.

Now, about a decade later, walking through the IT development path, I’ve manage to work with some extremely passionate peoples. I’ve managed to learn and worked in various fields in software development.

My educational background being Physics, I did post-grad in Physics, from BUET on Nano-magnetism simulation using HPC. I’ve got opportunities to learn about HPC system. Getting scholarship in ICTP to during my M.Sc. was the real boost for my HPC expertise. The result is the first free for research small but complete HPC system in Bangladesh, Arun-HPCC at the Computer Center, Rajshahi University under direct supervision of Dr. Abdullah Shams Bin Tariq, Professor, Department of Physics.